The Government of Alberta re-hosted its mainframe ‘JOIN’ IDMS based application to Windows and SQL Server with Anubex’ technology. Mariner Innovations, Anubex's partner specializing in application modernization and IT professional services, has completed the migration from z/OS and IDMS to .NET.

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The Challenges

In order for the Province to meet the present and future business needs, JOIN had to undergo modernization to provide a foundation that can easily add new functionality when required by legislation and business needs. The initiative required code modernization, database re-engineering, new component development and migration to a new target platform.

The Project

The project's main objectives included:

  • Implement a solution that would allow full migration of JOIN off the existing mainframe hardware and software base
  • Deliver a fully migrated technical application environment that would result in reduced overall costs of operations and increased supportability and sustainability of the application base.

The migration had to minimize retraining for the development and support staff by maintaining the application code, external applications support, and existing user interface for online screens, while maintaining ongoing operations.

“We used our automated testing product TestMatch intensively during this project. TestMatch offers automated recording and replay of complete scenarios or individual sessions and it can be used for both functional testing and stress testing. The product goes as far as providing detailed analysis of response times and throughput, and also contains helpful utilities to detect performance problems. It calculates elaborate test scenario coverage statistics and the pass rate of replayed tests.” - Louis Heymans, CEO of Anubex

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The Benefits

Some of the benfits of the methodology and and tools we used include:

  • Minimal risks  
  • Minimal change management
  • No business interruption
  • Project with a short duration
  • No user re-training, as the migrated application retains its functionality

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The Government of Alberta

Mariner Innovations specializes in application modernization and IT professional services. With a proven approach to application modernization, the company helps enterprises address the growing business risks posed by aging, unsupported applications. Their tools-based methodology, supported by an experienced team, is fast, low-risk and more cost effective than the alternatives of manual recoding or implementing entirely new software.

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