COMPUTABLE talks mainframes and Anubex

Belgian business ICT news website Computable takes a closer look at the ongoing popularity of mainframes and potential future risks of this trend.

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Web Components, the resurrection of component based development on the web?

On last year's Devoxx conference there were a lot of talks on component based web development and especially on Web Components. What is this new technology, and what implications does it have on UI modernization?

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RAIL in UI Modernization

This November Google held its Chrome Dev Summit for developers of mobile web applications. The summit took place in California and anyone unable to attend in person can follow the event’s sessions on their YouTube channel. The sold-out event lasted for only two days but entire second day of the event was dedicated to the topic of RAIL. In...

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No budget left for CHANGE as … RUN costs are too high?

This article focuses on the dilemma arising when the high costs involved in running legacy systems and applications eat up the bulk of IT budgets, leaving (too) little room for CHANGE projects. The article ends with our experience in this matter.

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Are larger companies or older companies slower to adopt HTML5?

When new things get launched in the world of ICT, one of the questions that typically gets asked is if large or small companies will be fast or slow to adopt the particular technology or technique. This month we will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the "official" HTML5 specification on October 28th and now is as good a time as...

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Mainframe users left in the cold by the latest in UX

The death of Microsoft’s Web Forms and the spike of interest in the topic of “Enterprise UX” are two developments from 2015 that have reduced the number of options available for incremental web enablement and modernization of mainframe applications. These developments will ultimately cloud the long term vision for these applications and...

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The death of WYSIWYG and what this means for legacy developers

If you’re a developer targeting mobile platforms, you’ve probably heard about Xamarin.Forms. Xamarin.Forms is a fairly new UI component toolkit that allows developers to write applications that adjust themselves to the native look and feel of Android, iOS, and WP without explicit coding. Xamarin is also known for shipping without a...

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Since when is enterprise UI not perfect?

Since when is it acceptable that user interfaces of enterprise applications are not pixel-perfect when displayed at runtime? This is a non-facetious question that has a matter-of-fact answer.

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More is better

Today the laser mouse celebrates its tenth birthday. Ten years ago, on September 1 2004, Logitech announced a breakthrough improvement on the red light-emitting diode optical mouse. Logitech’s new product was the MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse, interestingly still available on Amazon today, ten years still after its launch.

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