z/OS & z/VSE Migrations

For many years the IBM Mainframe has represented one of the most powerful and stable platforms on which to run the large scale data processing applications used within the global banking, insurance, telecoms, aviation and logistics industries, as well as government services including health, tax, police records and so on.

However, the improved stability and scalability offered by today’s server and PC technology finally represents a viable and more cost effective alternative to the Mainframe for many organisations. Mainframe skills are becoming less common and increasingly expensive, whilst the organisations that currently rely upon mainframes require ever increasing flexibility, in order to modernize and keep pace with both technological and commercial change. Anubex offer a true migration path away from IBM mainframe technology, not merely an emulated re-hosting solution. Anubex’ migration tools automate the entire z/OS & z/VSE conversion to mainstream, open systems technology, dramatically reducing both cost and risk along the way.

We have a proven track record of 100% successes with z/OS & z/VSE migrations and all our customers have achieved both rapid ROI and significant reductions in the TCO of their IT operations thanks to this z/OS & z/VSE transformation.

Product Highlights

Anubex’ z/OS and z/VSE mainframe migrations is a versatile solution providing possibilities to replace the entire mainframe platform, together with all the core  applications that reside on it, hereby effectively eliminating any dependency on costly mainframe technologies.

This is just one of many possible mainframe migration and modernization paths.  Other migration scenarios may be where the mainframe platform is retained, but certain key mainframe technologies are replaced with more modern and flexible variants. Here too Anubex provides solutions for mainframe technology replaceme

Native Technologies / No Emulation

Anubex’ core mission is to allow its customers to release their valuable and reliable business applications from their dependency on non-strategic, legacy technologies.

Therefore, we ensure that migrated applications actually use technologies that are widely recognized and accepted as native on the chosen target platform instead of choosing to emulate the source platform technologies on another platform.

Target Technologies

Anubex is always looking to implement new alternatives, both on request by our customers or because we feel they make sense from an understanding of the general software industry.

Following is an overview of the most prominent technology mappings that form part of Anubex’ mainframe migration

Before Migration

After Migration




SQL Server



Application/web server

OLM Maps
Natural Maps


Java Swing



Any COBOL dialect

Java (under development)








z/OS (keep the platform)




User Interface Modernization

Anubex’ Waxwing technology enables converting many legacy character-based user interfaces, including CICS BMS, Natural and IDMS OLM maps, into modern, open Java or .NET based front-ends that can be maintained using standard development tools like Eclipse and Visual Studio.

When choosing this option, after migration developers can  enhance converted screens with graphical components such as drop-down fields, checkboxes and data lists.

When the choice is made to keep using 3270 terminal emulator clients, Waxwing provides a modern, WYSISYG development environment based on either Eclipse or Visual Studio. In this more limited scenario, COBOL modules are generated to translate map data into proper 3270  streams at runtime.

More details on Anubex UI modernization can be found in the Waxwing Product Sheet.

Automated Testing

No migration project can succeed without the confidence that the migrated system is ready for production and this confidence can only be built by testing the migrated system extensively and repeatedly.

TestMatch™ is the product that Anubex has built to reduce the time and effort needed to complete this crucial testing phase:

  1. TestMatch avoids the requirement to manually create test scenarios for the complete application;
  2. TestMatch limits the application end-user involvement in the project to acceptance testing.

More details about TestMatch can be found in the TestMatch Product Sheet.


Anubex has a 100% success rate, having completed numerous migration and modernization projects around the globe on both IBM mainframe and LUW target platforms.

Each of these projects has been delivered on time, within budget and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.